Legacy is much more than your average gaming café hosting PC Gaming. You now have many abilities as well as options for gaming at the tip of your fingers and at your request as a patron. Some of the things we boast are the best graphics in gaming, HD, 4K, and preparing for 4H graphics to ensure we are cutting Edge. Our PC’s are Alienware Aurora R8’s that will continually be upgraded once they are outdated in anyway. We are hard driven to stay at the top of our industry by keeping the fastest, most powerful PC’s and graphics that one can game on. If you want the latest we most likely have it.

When asking why come to Legacy Gaming if I own a PC, or Console, or even a VR Headset? The answer is quite simple. Even having 4K or HD monitors at home, a residence can never offer our speeds, therefore; one would never see the full potential of the speed and high performance that the gaming can actually reach! Residences are not given business speeds if with running fiber to one’s home. There is a clear cut difference to be seen here. It is also a plus to be able to go back and re-evaluate what you claimed sucked about the opposing console being it Legacy hosts them all!

Now when it comes to your wants as a Patron it is quite simple…… You ask and we work to make it so our owner here at Legacy is an avid Gamer as well so is very tuned into giving what our patrons want. With Legacy Gaming being your local Gaming Lounge you have the ability to Blog on our Website and actually create your own gaming communities grow them and become tight knit. Once we enter our tournament phase and you’ve ranked each other Legacy has more to offer stay tuned…….. As we grow together you will experience more than you can imagine as we will be giving back with many perks.