Come and learn the History of Console Gaming.

At Legacy Gaming we not only host what is new and hot but we pay tribute to the gaming consoles that got us here. You can play most of the old consoles as we rotate them in and out. Everything from Pong to Atari and space Invaders to Coleco Vision. Come join our New Age Arcade and game with us and even learn a bit of history!

Even having the latest and greatest of the gaming consoles we also have everything from the old school consoles such as Atari, and Coleco Vision along a timeline that goes all the way up to what we are playing now today. There is history to be learned within the walls of Legacy Gaming and we plan to share this history with everyone. Each week we will host a different 4 old school consoles games for patrons to play until we are able to host them all at once and space allows. The systems can be requested just prior to the weekly change as well. We cannot wait to see what you request.

Which ones have you had the privilege to play?
Join Legacy Gaming and experience what you have missed.

Gaming has always been! but has never been better!