Legacy offers the hottest games out as the Genre is not limited thus allowing our patrons to make their gaming experience what they want it each time they return unlike your standard Arcade where the stand-ups never move and become boring after an hour. Within a patrons time rental they can op to change games and go to a different game as long as time allows but can only change stations once time runs out. We offer the ability for you to login to your account and even load your game to play at our speeds. Another good feature to love is….If Playstation Network or Xbox live goes down. Legacy is built to switch immediately switch to a Lan party hosted and still allow you to play live persons internally or externally. As for the rest….well lets not spoil the surprise.

Legacy Gaming is unique in that it is built for every type of gamer, not just our Hardcore Gamers. Our variety is able to host Young G-rated Gamers, Family Gamers, and Teen Gamers as well all under one roof. As a diversity of brilliant minds come together ideas are born. These ideas will drive us into the future and help pioneer the next state of Arcade, VR, Computer, and even eSports Gaming. We will grow into Tournament and eSports Gaming as we enter Phase III. For this we require a loyal fan club to make Legacy their Home Base. Our future tournaments will allow competition in-store as well as from the luxury of your own home. Coming Soon!